Vacuumed chicken?

23 May

I have never done this technique with anything before, but this is the ONLY way to make chicken much better. I vacuum sealed the chicken breast with salt, pepper, herbs, and a little olive oil.

I marinated it overnight to let everything get acquainted. I then simmered the chicken in the bag for about fifteen minutes. That will cook the chicken through without making it dry. When it was time to eat, I browned the breast in a pan with more herbs, and finished it in the oven to heat through. The result was a terrific surprise!

The chicken was succulent. The herbs were very present in the taste and aroma. To accompany the beautiful bird, I made a spectacular chicken jus. The jus consisted of onion, carrot, celery, white wine, chicken stock, and a plethora of herbs, including allspice berries and bay leaves.

If that wasn’t enough of a mouth-gasm, I made mushroom risotto (my specialty) and sautéed swiss chard. All the flavors worked excellent together. Savory from the chicken … earthy from the mushrooms … a little sweetness from the swiss chard…

A surprisingly light dish that speaks volumes in taste!

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One response to “Vacuumed chicken?

  1. E

    May 25, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    I have eaten this dish. It is AMAZING!


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