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Feelin’ Fancy n’ Fresno

I know what you’re thinking: Does this guy make anything other than risotto? Well, let me explain.

My girlfriend’s family was in town this week. Like a good woman, she talked-up my risotto-making skills. Her sister, Andrea, is a vegetarian, so anything with animal stock was off the table. I decided corn risotto was the way to go since I hadn’t made it in a long time. Now, what to serve with it?!

The vegetarian eats fish, which was a relief because white fish pairs great with corn. I brought up scallops but Andrea’s husband, Darrin, said he had scallops once and they were rubbery and gross. I then got to thinking: What other types of fish could I make with this dish?

I was on the fence about swordfish and not a whole lot else was coming to mind. Then it suddenly hit me! I am going to make this couple love scallops as I do with the help of my awesome, ninja-like, culinary talents … but just to be safe, I got a salmon fillet as a plan B.

In the end, everyone ended up loving the food. If you’ve never had a scallop, scallops taste as if a crab and a shrimp got together and had a mixed, ocean-life baby; to top it off, the corn sauce I made gave the scallops a little sommin’, sommin’.

By the end of the evening, I had turned all dinner party members into über scallop fans AND I even got an invitation to Indiana to cook for my new scallop-loving friends. Long story short: the power of seafood is god-like!

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